Monday, 10 December 2007

BD-1 展開方法 + 折り畳み方法

Such is the nature of Japanese delivery service that, following a phone call the night before to check it was convenient, my new BD-1 (Birdy) riese und müller folding bike with mountain gears and dual suspension was delivered at 11.30 on Sunday morning. Such is the nature of Japanese customer service that the slick tyres, light removable pedals and bike stand that I had ordered in addition to the bike itself were carefully installed on the bike when I unpacked it from countless protective wrappers. I am pretty stoked with the German-designed, design award-winning zippiness, stiffness, and springiness (yet taut performance) of the suspension and general agility of my new toy (let's call it an early xmas present). With its particularly wide gear range, I hope to explore the more mountainous and farther afield temple and natural attractions in the area. I have fitted a headlight and rear safety light, bell for startling stray pedestrians (legally required here) and odometer (computer).

Folding and unfolding the riese und müller Birdy (BD-1) bicycle 展開方法 + 折り畳み方法。With some practice, this should only take half the time according to the brochure!

From the delightful 'BD-wonderful' blog, gear ratios (increased in scope by the 45 tooth to 47 tooth upgrade on the front chainwheel between 2006 and 2008 models) are on the 9 Capreo sprockets as follows (最大の違いはフロントが45T→47Tに成長してます。ギア比は次のとおり。):

26t 2458mm 1.81
23t 2779mm 2.04
20t 3196mm 2.35
17t 3760mm 2.76
15t 4261mm 3.13
13t 4917mm 3.62
11t 5811mm 4.27
10t 6392mm 4.70
9t 7102mm 5.22

Theoretically, this provides a very healthy range to deal with even the most torturous Chichibu hill.