Friday, 14 December 2007

The 9th Eco Products 2007 (Tokyo Big Sight)

On 14th December, Kundan and I attended the Eco fair all day out at Odaiba on the Tokyo Bay before going to Kakizakai Sensei's concert with Richard and Mark. The skyborne monorail curves out through a megatropolis of futuristic glass facade buildings and idiosyncratic suspended walkways, spheres bulging out the sides of rectilinear edifices and spacious expanse unlike urban downtown Tokyo, in a scene dwarfing humanoids somewhat extra-terrestial, inspired by Bladerunner (or was it the other way 'round?). Captioning a small sample of the products displayed (below) is probably the best way to show some of the representations. I was looking for more on environmental measuring and audio or visual display systems (i.e. related to research) and I am eco-passionate about planetary preservation, and geekily allured to new designs and inventions while Kundan has a big environmental consciousness and curiosity. The venue itself was an interesting challenge of scale, expecting to see 140,000 people through the exhibition in a few days.

[From the web site promotion ...] "With the emergence of the global warming issue, interest in the Earth's environment is suddenly rising. The environmental issue is now widely accepted as a real and compelling problem both by businesses and ordinary citizens, thanks in part to the wide reporting of abnormal weather and increasing temperatures by the media and hit movies based on environmental themes, among other things. This has had an effect on people's lifestyles, and now Eco Products are gradually moving from the age of the consumer who will "buy Eco Products when they are available nearby" to those who will "seek out and buy Eco Products proactively". Next year, in 2008, marks the start of the commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol. And it is certain that the problems surrounding development of alternate energy, chemical substance regulations spreading in Europe, etc., will be drawing the attention of the world more than ever. It is becoming increasingly important to have a corporate image that they are developing and selling Eco Products as well as making aggressive efforts to protect the environment and focusing on CSR for establishing a company's corporate brand. This fair was started in 1999 which makes this year as the 9th year of this fair. In 2006, the number of exhibitor companies and organizations was over 572, and more than 150,000 people attended, including 13,000 children who were there to learn about the environment. It is becoming more and more known as Japan's biggest environmental fair."

Recycling + Innovative applications of natural products

Bag from re-used plastics; boat from bamboo fibres, which can also be used for prefabricated materials, insulation and fibre reinforcing; recycled zippers.

Big name companies fabricate clothing and fashion from natural fibres (hemp) and recycled materials - rubber, cork, wood; recycling phone parts and preserving the many minerals used in the manufacture of mobile phones and reducing landfill; blocks of 'not' plastic made from recycled amalgamated non-biodegradable materials; Italian designed chairs made from reinforced cardboard.

Re-usable portable chopsticks; straw-reinforced bricks for house insulation and construction.


Windmill with spiral blades resists strong wind-forces and consequent damage, also very quiet almost 'noiseless' for the environment; thermal house-temperature control; one-person car; velo taxi human pedal-powered; pedal music amplification; Honda motorbike with new fuel combustion system than regulates firing during acceleration and deceleration increasing efficiency multi-fold; fuel cell for cars; kinetic friction-generated luminance.

Environmentally Aware

Mineral reconditioning and marine water purification for environmental stabilisation; Nissan car with omni-directional wheels - parking saving(?) (unsure of the true benefits of this attention-receiving vehicle because it's 'footprint' is too big to be truly space-saving, also reminiscent of MIT car); environmental photo exhibition.