Tuesday, 3 July 2007

On the road with Mum and Dad

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Currently on the road with Mum and Dad. So far our travels beyond Tokyo have included: Kyoto's Heian Shrine and iris garden; staying in a hotel right near the giant crimson torii gate of the Heian shrine in North East Kyoto, close to Gion Corner; following the Philosopher's Walk in East Kyoto - Gingakuji (Silver Pavilion) with spectacular sand formations and beautiful garden; the carp-filled stream and bursts of blue and pink blooming hydrangeas; calligraphic poetry exhibition; Nanzen-in (Temple) with aqueduct and gardens - frogs' eggs hanging in the trees; Kiyomizu-yaki (Kyo-maki) pottery village and Kiyomizu-dera (Temple) high on the hill amidst an extended garden in the tree canopy and tofu restaurant; Nishijin Textile weaving Centre; Aizen-kobo indigo dyeing; Sagano Bamboo forest and Arashiyama soba restaurant and snow monkey park up a steep humid climb with mountainous views over the River Oi; Kyoto Bontanic Gardens; Inari (fox) temple with the passageway of hundreds of vermillion torii; Nikko's magestic thousand-year-old cedars, Toshigu shrine; Mashiko pottery village, former home of Shoji Hameda, National Treasure and member of the mingei craft movement that strived to preserve traditional craftsmanship in Twentieth-Century Japan, also the indigo dyeing studio and woodblock exhibition; and today, a rest day at the office, Tokyu Hands and Shinjuku by evening for the neon lights and shabu shabu dinner.