Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Some links

This is one of my favourite photo sets on flickr by a Leica M8 user in Hong Kong: 'Tiny Eyes' Leica set on flickr. Another favourite Leica M8 photographer's photostream is is Maharepa a.k.a. Bernd W. Schüttke. Both Tokyo and Melbourne have Leica galleries. I plan to check out the Ginza one soon, though I am sure I saw the same Henri Cartier-Bresson collection at his house/museum in Paris a couple of years ago. Leica Ginza Salon, Ginza 6-4-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. This guy is a [nameless] Swiss musician who has undertaken to post one photograph every day until he dies! [which he has already been doing since 1989] - obsessive compulsive? One pic a Day