Thursday, 26 April 2007

More experiments

Eventually, it did stop raining. On the way home from Kinokuniya bookshop where I picked up the new Lonely Planet Travel Photography Guides on general travel and urban photography by Richard l'Anson, wildlife by Andy Rouse and landscape by Peter Eastway (and Ichibanboshi noodle shop for Karaage lunch), I breezed through the crisp autumnal twilight to McMahon's Point on the North side of Sydney Harbour to catch some longer exposures, just as the light was changing as illustrated in the 3 dusk-to-evening images of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. I also spent some considerable time making a dubious panorama with my dodgy Canon stitching software for Mac. The PC software I used before was much more successful and refined - must look into a better alternative. Finally, I stopped at a point inside the harbour, that I admire daily on my run, to glimpse the city skyline through the trees near Berry Island.

[Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge from McMahon's Point, aperture priority, between 1 and 7 seconds duration]

[Luna Park, Milson's Point with interesting architecture behind]

[City from near Berry Island]

[Panorama. Sydney Harbour. Click on the image to enlarge]