Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Images on blogger

Of the image quality on blogger, it must be pointed out that images are re-'optimised', i.e. severely compressed and downsized from the quality at which originally uploaded, understandably a product of server space limitations and the textual intention of blogs, as opposed say, to flickr which is a distinctly and non-textually oriented photo library facility. This may seem obvious but people should not assume that the quality of images here is representative, even if the purported topic is 'photo-documentary' blog. Symptoms of this conundrum are that sharpness and colour profile (which particularly bothers me) appear more under-saturated and fuzzier than on flickr. Hence, this is a place for preambles, overviews and *words but flickr is still the preferred conduit for photos. Please look there if you're serious about quality [under links]. The only problem pervasive of flickr or Google's own picasa photo-album style is that both unfathomably use a white background. Ever wonder why photographers' web sites are often black? There is a good basic visual perception explanation that, simply put, means darker backgrounds enhance our visual perception of saturation and colour and it is a more flattering for displaying photos. There are some other unaesthetic page styling issues with the afore-mentioned, too.