Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Interactive Sound Studio final exhibition

Friday 3 October 6-9pm
Hearth & Atrium, Wilkinson Building
Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning
Access level 2 - 148 City Road (Darlington)
University of Sydney

our blog: http://interactive-sound.blogspot.com/
studio teachers: Kirsty Beilharz & Sam Ferguson

Wii Taiko
Interactive Narrative
Sonic Hockey
Rubick's Studio
Virtual DJ
Haunted Bear
Druidic Rituals
Virtual Conductor
Awakening the Buddha
Domino Music

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Opening up Design talk at UTS

I will start as Professor of sound, music and interaction at UTS in November. Here are two of my colleagues, Professor Kees Dorst and Associate Professor Bert Bongers giving a public talk on the the opening up of design ... the changing expectations, responsibilities, challenges and technologies of designing, about re-thinking how design mediates our physical and pervasive daily experience.

Bert is showing his flex-sensitive cyber-glove musical instrument design.